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A true Gem

March 11, 2009

 What a joy it was today to pick up and readFour Portraits of Jesus: Christ in the Gospels by Frank Colquhoun published by IVP today while I was giving a midterm exam. The book is short, only 84 pages but was like a gem, small, valuable and beautiful. In reality most of the key ideas presented I had heard somewhere throughout my education but to have those ideas well organized and filling every page was a treat. The outline alone which is also the structure of the Table of Contents could serve as a series or teaching or preaching outlines on the Gospels. All possible errors like avoiding seeing the diffrences in the Gospels without seeing the unity of the Person of Christ are avoided. I close with a quotation from page 1 that sets the tone of readability and insight, “Properly speaking the term “gospel” is a misnomer. As far as the New Testament is concerned there is only one Gospel…Christ is the Gospel..Christ came not so much to preach the Gospel as much as that there would be a Gospel to be preached. I intend to research more work by this author!

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