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Two Short Gems

March 24, 2009

The characteristicss of a gem have been described as small, beautiful and expensive. This weekend I read two gems that fit those descriptions to a tee. the first is titled The Simple Truths of Service: Inspired by Johnny The Bagger by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. This work runs only 75 pages and is formated as “gift book” with wide margins, large text, and lots of pictures. It is a series of inspirational stories of customer service with strong application for ministry. the story of Johnny the bager is weel told and memorable but offers little new other than a structured outline entitled The simple truths of great service. This book was worth the 25 minutes it took me to read and the $1 it cost me used to purchase but not much more. The second book is also small at 4×6 115 pages and is titled REFUEL: An uncomplicated guide to connecting with God By Doug Fields (2008 Nelson). In this most recent book by the Youth Pastor of Saddleback Community Church Doug address the often confusing idea of how a student can connect with God. So many books attack this subject with an audience of adult leaders packaged as a book for students, after all who spend money on books 🙂 This book however is truly written for students with great stories and contemporary illustrations. It is easy to read and simple with out becoming simplistic. It does have features for adults including a study guide which makes this an excellent resourse for a student small group. The thesis of 1. Stop 2. Be quiet and 3. Make a connection to God is not new but it is fresh. I am adding this book to my evening reading with my two children 12 and 16.

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