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Talent is Overrated but this book is not!

April 24, 2009

Geoff Colvin’s 2008 book on world class performance, Talent is Overrated is destined to become a modern classic. Many books attempt to popularize current research into a more readable form but very few are successful falling into either oversimplicity on one hand or such a technical approach that only a discipline expert can make any sense of the writing. All 206 pages are worth pouring over and reflecting upon but if time is short pick up at page 167 Great Performance in Youth and Age this and the next chapters distill the critical elements. The book is of particular interest to those interested in chess playing, musical achievment, Tiger Woods amd modern buisness practices for all of these themes are skillfully utalized to illustrate and make sense of the research data. This is a must read this summer for everone but particularly for those of us who are parents and need some insight on “deliberate practice” for our children and ourselves

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