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Summer Book Update!

July 24, 2009

It has been a busy summer of reading so here is a brief update on titles and recomendations. YOUTH MINISTRY 3.0 by Mark Oestreicher is a brand new way of looking at youth ministry in the new century which is firmily rooted in a clear understanding of the past. This book will become a part of the youth ministry curriculum starting this fall…must reading in the field of youth ministry. Two books by Eugene Peterson LIVING THE RESURECTION and EARTH AND ALTER have been the back bone of serious theological reflection in my summer reading both books have aged well and may well be on thier way to classic status. Earth and Alter is the rare book that when I finished I wanted to pick up again immediatly to catch what I am sure I missed in this multi layer presention of the Psalms and corporate community prayer. I frequently tell students anything Eugene Peterson writes is worth reading and owning, these books are no exception. LOST IN AMERICA by Clegg and Boyd published by Group is an overview guide to understanding evangelism in present American culture. It is interactive, narative and very readable. I recomend it to anyone trying to understand American evangelism. It is hard to over estemate Karl Barth’s influence on Theology but even with the vast majority of his work available in print many hve never bothered to read him for themselves. A KARL BARTH READER published by Eerdmans is an outstanding introduction to this gifted theologian with a pastors heart. The book includes selections from sermons, letters and published books and articles. It is refreshing to hear Barth’s own voice instead of everyones opinion on him. REFUEL by Doug Fields is a book written for students about connecting with God, it differs from most devotional books by speaking directly to the issue of guilt and spiritual disciplines and making action steps small and details clear enough for everyone to engage with. I read it to my children and they enjoyed it so it passes the “real teenager” test.
Happy Reading!

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