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The Jesus Debate

August 15, 2009

If you read only one book on the debate surrounding “The Historic Jesus” and the “Jesus of the Gospels” or if you are scheduled this fall to take a secular New Testament class from a School of Religious Studies run, don’t walk to the closest book store and purchase The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions by Marcus Borg and N.T. Wright. Although these two men, Borg from Oregon State and Tom Wright an Anglican Bishop from England are friends and have a long history of civil discourse and engagement they reprosent very different perspectives, assumptions and conclussions. Borg is a self confessed “christian” who does not believe in much of the historical record of the gospels. His work on the Jesus Seminar clearly identifies his liberal mainline bias. Wright has been compared to C.S.Lewis as a literate accademicly respected defender of hisoric orthodoxy from the frame of reference of a historian. The two scholars alternate chapters on a host of critical subjects from Jesus’s divinity, The birth naratives, the second comming and most importantly the resurection. Although the book is published by Harper Collins and is used as a text book at the university level I found the books style readable and compelling throughout. Altough you might not agree with either of these two men on every individule sentence you will find the concepts they present understandable and your understanding of Jesus and 21st century scholarship about Him enhanced. N.T. Wright has done the orthodox Christian community a great service with this outstanding scholarly, Biblical and absolutly civil defence of the Jesus of the gospels. Take and read!

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