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The Timeless Impact of Eugene Peterson

September 17, 2009

Some times it it not just what you read but when and how you read. It was my pleasure to read two “classic” Eugene Peterson titles RUN WITH HORSES and TRAVELING LIGHT. The first book dealt with the life, ministry and message of the prophet Jeremiah, the second book is a series of sequential reflections on the book of Galations. Either book would be a great investment of time and money but taken together thier impact is profoundly multiplied. The glory of these books is that they speak both to the spiritual formation of the soul, and the need for those in ministry to read for resourcing and seed thoughts for talks, lectures and devotional presentations. So many books loose thier power and age poorly but I perdict Eugene Peterson will be read with great profit for decades to come if not centuries. Note to young readers: I find Peterson’s work to be an aquired taste. In the same way that my food preferences have changed as I have matured so have my reading habits, when I was younger I didn’t appreciate Peterson but as I have matured and spent years in ministry my desire to interact with this spiritual giant has grown. If you tried Peterson before but found it not engaging please for the sake of your soul and ministry try him again!!

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