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Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors

September 22, 2009

INSIDE THE MIND OF YOUTH PASTORS by Mark Riddle is a recent Youth Specialties/Zondervan publication. It is worth buying and reading but please be ready for some realy uneven chapters. The material that is based on research is excellent and worth the price of the book alone, other chapters which are more personal reflection are more common sense, and in a couple of notible cases the material is wrong. The highlights include Chapters 12 & 13, the low points Chapter 9 & 21. The questions at the end of every chapter are helpful but there is a seeming leaning away from the accademicly prepared youth ministry professional.

One Comment
  1. Kevin,
    thanks for mentioning the book. Glad you liked chapter’s 12 and 13.

    What didn’t set well with you in chapters 9 and 21?
    I’m intrigued.


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