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A Terrible Title But a Great Book!

April 5, 2010

The latest book by John Ortberg is a truly important work in the relm of Spiritual Formation in the 21st century.The less than impressive title, the me I want to be: becoming God’s best version of you (Capatilization as printed) does not do justice to the deep spiritual reflection contained in the body of the work. The combination of the printed book and the website allow for a personalization of a spiritual growth plan. All 22 chapters are thought provoking but P. 21 in chapter One is worth the list price of $19.95, especialy if you have ever struggled with how to measure “spiritual growth” so that the pharasees never win. In addition Chapter 13’s section on signiture sins is breakthrough thinking as is Chapter 19 Let God Flow Through Your Work. The most eye opening platitude busting quote is from a dying Christian who was greatly used of God who stated at the end of his life , I wish I could have spent more time in the office” Interested in the context of this line? If so get this highly recomended book and see for your self how to understand and impliment spiritual formation in this new millinium.

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