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A life changing Adventure

May 19, 2010

Every once in a while a book comes along that is more than a exercise in reflection and learning but an entire shift in spiritual world view. Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places by Eugene E. Peterson is just such a book. It is a rich tapestry of insight drawn from exegetical work spanning a signifigant life time of ministry, communication and meditation. This book is so dense in thought and idea that I was streatched, challenged, entertained, and edified all at the same time. This is a book that I feel I needed a lifetime of ministry and accademic background to fully appreciate. It would be wasted on a the average person in thier 20’s because of the absence of life experiences that bring out the truths and subtly themes. So buy the book now at any age, sample i,t if does not fit your taste leave it on the shelf untill you mature enough to enjoy it at a later date. The three main themes of Creation ( Genesis 1-2 & John), History (Exodus & Mark), and Community ( Deuteronomy & Luke/Acts) are indexed extensivly. If you are preaching from any of the listed books, although not specificly a commentary, this book needs to be a part of any responsible homoletical study. Thank You Professor Peterson for the service you have rendered in my development and for the impact you are having on the Church now and into the future.

This book is part of a series.

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