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Text book update! THE 215 Philosophy and Sociology of Ministry

May 25, 2010

Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in popular culture by William D. Romanowski, Brazos Press is the newest text book addition to THE 215. In this insightfull book Professor Romanowski from Calvin College lays out a new way for christians to understand and engage with popular culture particularly movies. Some of the movie/media references have passed from being current hits to hollywood legends (Titanic, Pretty Woman, ER, Amy Grant) but the issues remain as fresh and relevantas the day they were written. The absolute highlight is the appendix where first a series of guided discussion questions help a viewer dissect a movie avoiding much of the shallow surface criteria often used in those conversations. A second appendix is a walk through of the questions using the movie Titanic. A new assignment involving going to a theater, viewing a movie and utalizing the questions and writing a response for classis in the offing for next spring. This is also a helpful book for parents who want to teach thier teenagers how to interact with media in a responsible christian way.

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