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The Genesis Debate: A Must Read!!

July 5, 2010

Very few if any subjects stir the passions in the fields of Biblical studies and Theology more than the question of how to understand the term “day” in Genesis 1-3. With the Bruce Waltke situation in the news recently and a powerful voice for creation science in the Christian media it is critical for Christians to be well informed on this issue. That is where The Genesis Debate: Three views on the days of Creation edited by David Hogopian comes into play. In this amazing book 6 credible scholars in teams of two who represent the three historic arguments of how to understand “days” in Genesis come togther for a written discussion that the reader gets to share. Ligon Duncan III and David Hall present the 24-hour view point. Hugh Ross & Gleason Archer present the Day-Age theory while Lee Irons and Meredith Kline present the literary Framework viewpoint. The book is over 300 pages in length which gives each team ample space to not only present thier viewpoint completly, discuss the other view points and then respond to the arguments against thier position. Each of these men attack the issue from a reformed confessional perspective so there is no issue of “orthodoxy” just the best understanding of the texts in question. Regardless of your perspective going into the book you will better understand the issues and the strengths and weaknesses of all the positions after reading the book. This should be required reading for any Christian college student. Read this book!!

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