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Communicating For A Change

July 20, 2010

Communicating For A Change, a recent book by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones is a very interesting addition to the sometimes crowded shelf containing books on preaching and communication. I was raised on the model presented by Hadden Robbins in his classic work Biblical Preaching so some of the ideas presented by Stanley and Jones were a bit of a streatch at first. The book is divided into two parts, the first is a parable about a pastor and a truck driver (RE: One Minute Manager). The second part of the book expands and illustrates the principles of communication in a more linier presentation that sets forth a preaching strategy for listeners with a shorter attention span than in previous generations. I enjoyed seeing traditional preaching “deconstructed” but I am still a bit leary of completly substituting this method for the established method without first grasping the strengths and weakness of that which is being “deconstructed”. Over all the book comes highly recomended by people I trust in the field of preaching and I am looking forward to applying some of the books stratigies when I speak to younger audiences….BUT I am still holding on to my copy of Biblical Preaching!

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