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Lessons from a difficult life well lived!

July 30, 2010

I just finished reading The Diaries of Jim Rayburn: Founder of Young Life. Without a doubt it has impacted my life as much as any book I have read in a year. The 532 pages selected and edited by Kit Sublett is in no sense a complete autobiography, there are gaps in the original journal sometimes in key spots that would have filled in historic details in the development of Youtng Life. The impact of the book came from the small intimate day to day details of how a ministry is built. Jim Rayburn has become a “legend” in the history of youth ministryand from that elevated standing be seen as almost superhuman (or inhuman). The journal entries surrounding the death of a student and injury to Jim and a staff member walking off of a recreation field at summer camp was a picture in courage and “ministry calling”. If you have an interest in the history of Young Life or are involved witht the organization in any way this book should be required reading. It would also be a great read for people involved in developing a new ministry or transitioning away from a a ministry they birthed.

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