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Counseling Christian Workers

August 16, 2010

In the mid-1980’s under General editor Gary R. Collins Ph.D. Word Books published a multi volume series designed to help Christian counselors deal with common issues. The second book in the series was Counseling Christian Workers by Louis McBurney M.D. The book is truly excellent especially the sections on RoleSpecific Preasures and Resistance to counseling. In my role as a university professor I advise many students on the challenges of ministry and so read the book to help them but found myself developing new perspectives on my own attitudes and actions over the years. The self-reflection was wonderful but I found my self wondering severial times “how the author could know so accuratly what I was thinking and what argument I was using in my mind to justily myself”. This would be great for anyone counseling on such topics as Depressive Illness, Marital Maladjustments as well as Dysfunctional Personality. The book will also has the potential to provide self understanding for the counselor in ministry as well. This is a volume that is still valuable though more than 20 years old but it could also be updated and  revised to great profit in the ministry communitte. I would find a place for it as an assigned reading if it ever were!

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