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A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

August 22, 2010

In his book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years Donald Miller takes his readers deep into the heart of “story”. Starting with his personal story since the explosion of Blue Like Jazz Miller leads his readers to the complex theory surrounding “story” and the writing of screen plays. He then branches out to explore the metaphore that we all live “story”, so if we are dissatisfied with our story how can our stories be changed. In teaching these lessons Miller talks about the search for his father, his hike in Peru and his bike ride across America, These are personal events that transend just Don Miller and with slight change to the details are are all our stories. Along the way we are introduced to a host of fascinating characters, none more interesting than Jason in chapter 9. Even if you choose not to read the book “borrow” a copy and read chapter 9 if you ever were a parent, are a parent or ever hope to be a parent-It will touch wour heart and fuel your imagination. My plan is to purchase additional copies and send them to people who have helped create “memorable scenes” in my life (Chapter 30) to say thanks and to help them see how sharing thier story in my story leads us deeper and deeper into the Great Story playing out in human history. The book was hard to catagorize for me but it was always fun, readable, inspiring and thought provoking. Need a book do any more to be proved valuable?

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  1. Alice permalink

    Thanks for the heads up on this book!

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