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Radical Reformission

August 31, 2010

I want to be totaly honest right off the bat: this book drove me crazy! Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll contained inaccurate observations about Biblical texts, outdated view points about women influenced more by traditional North American pietism than Theological insight and a strange preoccupation with beer. With that said however, Mark’s interaction with cultural experts and integration of thier research and ideas into a ministry context were excellent, his insight into the writers of the Gospels and thier “culturally accessable” approach to sharing Jesus is nothing short of spectacular and has generated some amazing reflection and a couple of new assignments for my YTM 340 Youth Culture and Evangelism class. His chapters exploring all aspects of church life were all thought provoking. It is clear to me the wonderful potential for ministry leadership Mark displays in this 2004 effort. I am commited to read some of his later work to see if the past 8 years has produced the expected maturity of thinking and commitment to details that I expect to see. The book drove me nuts but it was also worth every moment of reading time. By the way Mark don’t knock a Christ-Centered labyrinth experience (p184) before trying it, and sometime expalin how beer brewing is a form of spiritual formation for men. 🙂

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