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Real World Parents

September 7, 2010

Mark Matlock of Planet Wisdom fame has recently published (2010) a book based on his best popular Parenting Workshops. The book is an outstanding contribution to the growing body of published works to help mystified parents learn the elusive craft of raising children. The key principles Mark brings in that seperated him from so many other authors in this field are his emphasis on balance between all the diffrent “schools of thought” and seeing parenting as part of the “Story of God” presented so well by Michael and Mark Novelli . This theological context gives a broader perspective to Marks witty and clear comments, exercises and discussion questions. This is a usable book I will give to new parents with great confidence in its value.
In a new experience for this blog I would also like to provide a list of my top books on parenting adolescents. These books provide a variety of valuable insights that when taken together have been usefull in my own parenting:
In alphabetical order the books are…..
1. Daughters and Dads by Chap and Dee Clark, Navpress.1998
2. Raising Adults by Jim Hancock, Pinon Press. 1999
3. Real World Parents by Mark Matlock, Zondervan. 2010
4. Growing Up With Your Teenager by Eugene Peterson, Revel. 1987
5. Understanding Your Teenager by Wayne Rice & David Veerman. Word. 1999
6. Parenting Today’s Adolescent by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Nelson. 1998
7. Communicating With Your Teen, By Greg & Michael Smalley. Tyndale. 2003
8. 31 Days of Prayer For My Teen by Susan Yates. Baker. 2004

These books one for each of the years from 13-20 would be a valuable tool for any parent of an adolescent.

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