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The God I Don’t Understand

September 14, 2010

The 2008 book The God I Don’t Understand: Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith won numerious awards in the months following its release after finished the book last night I can see why. From my perspective the book started very slow, the issue of the problem of pain is a subject of much personal reflection and some public presentation so there was nothing new that had not been presented elsewhere and in some places even better. The chapters on the Canaanites were very solid and well presented with solid answers based on Biblical Revelation and reason. The chapters on the cross bear the clear influence of his friend and mentor John Stott, which means it is very good. The high point of the book for me was the final section “What About The End of the World”. The chapter Cranks and Controversies will raise the eyebrows of my dispensational-premillianial friends but even if you disregard Dr. Wrights amillennialism his insights will make you think deeply. The ultimate culmination of the book for me was the section The Glory of Civilizations (p.198-203). The compelling picture Dr. Wright paints has stimulated more reflection and change of thinking than anything I have read in years. “The Blessing of Work (212-216) was also profound in its applications. This is a great book which may well become a classic, grab your copy now before the rush!

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