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National Youth Workers Convention: San Diego CA

October 11, 2010

It has been just under a week since the close of the first NYWC since Tic Longs return and it has taken that period of time to fully appreciate and reflect on the experience. I did the convention with a class full of college students so it was very powerful to see the convention through thier eyes. It is an amazing thing to know you are not alone in the passionate day to day ministry to youth and that there are people that have done it for a long lime and survived 🙂 and there are resourses so the wheel does not have to be reinvented in every ministry context afresh. I found the seminars engaging for my students and refreshing to me, even after over 20 years of youth ministry I came home with two new specific application points for my family life and ministry. The big room experiences were funny, powerful, thought provoking and applicational. If you have not been to a NYWC in a few years it is time to go again. If you have never attented a convention you don’t know what you are missing. I have a life conviction to “attend events where I think God is going to show up big” I was not disapointed in my trip to San Diego!
PS. Mark Matlock’s “History of the Hot Seat in youth ministry past was almost worth the price of the days admission alone-Thanks Mark, I have not laughed that hard in a long time 🙂

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