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SEVEN: The Deadly Sins and Beatitudes

October 27, 2010

Boston College philosophy Professor Dr. Peter Kreeft describes this book as “striking” and “totaly in sync with both saints and scholars” I could not agree more!! Seven is an amazing book. The conection between the 7 deadly sins discussed throughout the hisory of theology and the beatitudes of Christ woven around both the parable of the sower and modern 21st century applications. Jeff is a great story teller who is comfortable enough around the great philosophers to quote them but only when very approperate. This is not too suprising because Jeff is both pastor and University Philosophy teacher, a great combination for producing both style and content. The treatment of the Biblical texts is responsible, the quotes penetrating and the applications heart changing. I would recomend this book to anyone with a desire to love God with their mind and heart. I hope Jeff Cook continues to write with the ongoing, developing maturity that is so clearly displayed in this first book. I’ll read every single one of them! Of special note are the chapters on sloth (Chapter 3) and gluttony (Chapter 7). If you are short on time these two chapters are more than worth the cost of the book.

  1. Alice Robbins permalink

    Wow! Sounds very interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

    • drkevinturner22 permalink

      Hi alice
      So glad you enjoyed the book review!
      Would it work for you to be at CCU on Wed Dec 8?
      Whe could have you speak to a couple of classes on the topics we have discussed before and do I would love to host a luch for Poland trippers past present and future. The 9th is a possiblitiy and after that we are in to finals week which is not undooable except for the accademic part. LEt me know your thoughts on scheduling.

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