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Reinventing Youth Ministry (Again) By Wayne Rice

November 12, 2010

WOW! I must confess at the very beginning that I am a great fan of Wayne Rice and Youth Specialties and feel a profound sense of gratitude to Wayne and YS for helping me develope in ministry and in my personal life for the last 30 years. Having said that the book is amazing. It is a seemless discussion of the history of youth ministry and YS interwoven with a discussion of where the discipline of youth ministry is now and where it needs to go into the future. Themes like parents, adolescence, programs and the church are just a sampling of topics Wayne explores. The biographical elements read like a page turning novel for us that appreciate history and are fascinated by the personalities God used to launch the modern movement of youth ministry as we know it, There are great pictures, I only wish there were more of them but other than that I have no complaints. If you are new to the field or a long term youth worker read this book it will inform, entertain and challenge you. I promise with my hand on a “hot seat”!

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