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The Blue Parakeet

December 10, 2010

The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read The Bible by Dr. Scot McKnight is a book about hermeneutics or the princilples one uses to understand the Bible for the 21st century reader. Using vocabulary and citations accessable to almost any interested readed Scot Helps people discern popular and current but flawed ways of reading the Bible and then stears them toward a more consistant, intentional reading focus. This book is the best edited book I have ever seen refusing to become too simplistic on the one hand or fall in to accademic speak on the other. The second half of the book is a case study of the ideas outlined in the first half of the book applied to the topic of women in ministry. Scot’s theses is that ALL people especially those who hold Scripture in high regard and as authoritative in thier lives practice discernment when it comes to when, where and how to apply Scripture. Very few if any in the evangelical church obey”Greet on another with a Holy Kiss” although it is a Pauline impatative command nowhere contermanded in the pages of the Scripture. This is but one example of so many that Scot points out. So If we, who hold a high view of Scripture as evangelicals, are already practicing discernment and utalizing traditions in our use of the Bible Scot points out how to do it more honestly and intentionally. This is a great book! It needs to be read and discussed in churches and ministries across the country. It would make a great small group or Sunday School class focus. Lets pray Scott McKnight continues to write and explore these important issues in the future.

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  1. Alice permalink

    Sounds like a very interesting book!! Thanks for coming to my presentation last night!! It was very good to see you!!

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