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99 Thoughts For Youth Workers

January 8, 2011

I freely admit to growing older but I am still amazed to be reviewing a book that started out as a series of blog postings. This small “Group” publication fully titled; 99 Thoughts for Youth Workers: Random, Insightful Tips for anyone in youth ministry by Joshua Griffin is such a “blog” book. Having said that the book contains a lot of excellent information, none new but all that I agree with and have seen lived out in the reality of day to day ministry. The book is too “random” (self-proclaimed) to be of accademic use in the class room and is not ground breaking enough for long time veteran youth workers. The sections cover such topics as Vision and Leadership, Programing and People, Small Groups and Events, and Everyday Ministry. It would be a great help to new youth workers, interns, first year wouth workers and even long term volunteers interested in the big picture of youth ministry. The price is around $5.00 which makes it a very affordible leadership training tool.
PS The book actually contains 113 ideas because the author loves free stuff-Not a bad idea for a YM book! KT

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