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Group’s Emergency Response Handbook Series

January 13, 2011

Beginning in 2007 Group publishing began releasing a series of emergency response handbooks covering many of the key areas of ministry within the scope of the local church. Handbooks include Children’s ministry, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Small Group Leaders, Parents, and Diaster Relief. The handbooks are very easy to use becase the chapter titles are nontechnical and broad but more importantly follow the same template. Each chapter begins with a “story” or “case study” then moves to definitions, and different applicational types of the issue. A side-bar on Scripture Help is included before sections on Care Tips and Counseling Tips. A diognostic tool titled “When To Refer” is followed by Ministry Tips and sections on “What Not to Say” and “What To Say” followed by a listing of Additional Resources. All of this information is layed out in 10-16 page chapters in a 5 X 7 inch format perfect for backpack, purse or computer bag. The handbooks are not designed to be comprehensive in scope but to provide basic insights for confident first response ministry. The listing of the chapter titles for the youth ministry volume is as follows:
Crisis Pregnancy
Accademic Problems
Family Conflict
Stress & Anxiety
Destructive Behavior
Gender Identity and Sexual Choices
It is apprent these are the issues that are part of the day to day task of a youth worker. In my estimation every church, ministry, and Christian leader would be well served to have these handbooks close at hand for WHEN not IF these issues appear in ministry.

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