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A New Desriptive Catagory: “Intern Books”

February 8, 2011

Recently I had the occasion to read two very different books that both wound up affecting me in the same way. The two books, STICKS and STONES by Ace Collins, published by Zondervan and 99 THOUGHTS ON LEADING WELL by Reza Zedeh published by GROUP. Although the subject material is different (Leadership vs Communication) they shared the common feature of putting the cookies on the lowest shelf to such a level as to force me to create a new catagory: “Internship Books”. There is nothing offensive, inaccurate or wrong in either of these books but likewise there is nothing new, fresh or stimulating to someone who has ever read a book on the subject. In order to back up this assertion let me quote from both works. I STICKS and STONES Chapter 5 on “grief” the ouline is I don’t know what to say, think before speaking, listen before reacting, being scared is normal, don’t quit talking and you have to be there to make a difference, nothing wrong just nothing new. In 99 THOUGHTS ON LEADERSHIP #’s 27-31 are recognize that leadership is a marathon not a sprint, celebrate others success, ask right questions, make decisions based on truth not emotion and serving people is birthed out of a heart of love. These examples are indicitive of the other chapters as well. As disapointed as I was at first I am now rethinking the value of these books and while they will not remain on my shelf I am looking for a youth ministry intern who will be blessed by the gift of the books. Sometimes I do wish there was a rating system so I could determine in advance if I am buying a book for my development or an interns.

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