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Eerdmans Book of Christian Poetry

March 17, 2011

I am of the strong opinion that every household and office needs a good book of poetry for the development of the mind and the soul. I would recomend the Eerdmans Book of Christian Poetry as a volume to fit the needs of most people because of severial great features. The first is the chronological order of the poems, the second is the very interesting biography of each of the poets and the life contexts that helped create the poem and the final feature of including most of the well known Christian poets as well as many lesser known works and authors that I was introduced to for the very first time at only 125 pages the work is easy to navigate and explore. The artwork is understated but well done. In a lunch conversation I once had with Dr. James Montgomery Boice then the Past or of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philidelphia I asked Dr. Boice how to improve as a young preachers his response was instructive and I have never forgoten it. He said,” Read great books of literature and poetry for they will shape your vocabulary, your grammer and your wordsmithing. This book will halp anyone who wants to follow Dr. Boice’s advice themselves.

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