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A New Look at an Enduring Classic: Creed or Chaos? By Dorothy L. Sayers

March 30, 2011

Thanks to a recent unexpected bout of sleeplessness I had the oppertunity to revisit Dorothy L. Sayers book Creed or Chaos? The only difference was that the book was read at one sitting rather than reflectivly over a periond of time as in past readings. I must say I was shocked anew at the debth, theological impact and prophetic power the writtings displayed. The same topics were there as before, relevance of the creeds, day to day impact of Christian dogmas, a theology of work (that in my mind has never been better presented!) but the genious of her presentation on the 7 deadly sins was nothing short of amazing. The essay titled The Other Six Deadly Sins was originaly a public address delivered at Westminster in October of 1941. It runs a mear 28 pages but is possibly life changing if truly thought through and lived out. My ony problem now is how am I going to work in this and additional essays from the book in the few short classs periods before CCU graduation in May. I am going to make this book required reading in my THE 201 Introduction To Theology class. This book has to be in the hands (and minds) of as many thoughtful Christians as possible!

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  1. Alice Robbins permalink

    Wow! Never even heard of this one. . . one more on my “to read” list! Thanks! You have saved me lots of searching time with this blog! I just am not finding enough time to read everything that people are suggesting me to read! See you next month!!

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