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The Buisness of Heaven: A Year With C.S. Lewis

April 11, 2011

It is hard to believe that 2011 is one quarter over in fact April 11 is actually day 101 with 264 remaining before 2012. This reality hit me as I relized I was now on page 99 of the book I began the year reading The Buisness of Heaven A Daily Reading Anthology of Readings from C.S. Lewis edited by Walter Hooper and published by Harcourt Brace. The book has wonderfully exceded my expectations in every way. There are of course the familure passages that all Lewis fans will remember with great joy but I found a suprising number of powerful passages I can’t remember ever reading before. Walter Hoopper does an outstanding job of organizing the readings into thematic week or two week sections. A great example is the theme of faith which is explored from March 16-27 or sexuality from March 27-April 2. An additional feature is Hooper’s sensativity to the “Christian Year” including readings that connect with individule saint days along with feasts and fast days. There is actually a 15 year calender for movable days of signifigence so the approperate reading can be found. The year is only 1/4 over it is not too late to spend the rest of it day by day with C.S. Lewis one of the most powerful and profound thinkers and writers of this or any other generation. Must reading for thinking Christians of a literary nature.

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