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A “Gem” for Lent: Show Me The Way by Henri Nouwen

April 20, 2011

As of today there are only 4 days to the high point of the Christian Year, Christian Theology, and Christian Experience:Easter but it is not too early to start thinking about how to maximize your preperation for Easter in 2012. This year I selected as my guide through lent Henri J.M. Nouwen and his work SHOW ME THE WAY: Daily Lenten Readings. It begins as all Lenten helps do at Ash Wednesday but that  is where the similarities with most other books I have used end. Every day includes a Scripiture reading, reflection and suggested prayer themes which is not unique but the depth of Nouwen’s reflection and wordsmithing is unique. Nouwen draws on his experiences with the developmental disabled adult community to paint a picture of the love of Christ shown in the cross and then demonstrated in the resurection. I have used this book for personal, family, and class readings and found it moving in every context. If your walk toward Easter has not been as rich as you would have wanted this year, it is not too early to begin planning……..

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