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An Online Resourse Worth Exploring: A Christ-Centered Prayer Labyrinth

May 2, 2011

Over 10 years ago the British evangelical worship groups LOPE, Grace, and Epicenter teamed with Youth For Christ to produce a Christ centered prayer labyrinth experience that toured all over the United Kingdom. The physical expression is now availabe as the Prayer Path produced by GROUP. An online version is available any time free of charge at . This site is great for leaders who feel a need to jumpstart thier prayer life or for students who want to connect spiritually but need a digital expression to fit thier schedule or location. I use this site the last session of YTM 202 Spiritual Formation in adolescence to expose students to its value personally and in a ministry context. If you have never tried a prayer labyrinth experience this is a good introduction. For those who have participated in a prayer labyrinth it is a great refresher and reminder of the impact of the discipline in the past.

One Comment
  1. Alice Robbins permalink

    Very interesting. We do something like this here in Poland but with real rooms. It is a very special time as we do it the week before Easter. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

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