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Revolution by George Barna

May 11, 2011

I must confess after finishing George Barna’s book Revolution (Tyndale, 2005) I am very confussed. The book begins with research that identifies “a seminal renaissance of faith that will remake the religious country over the next quarter century”. These are called revolutionaries who share 7 passions including intimate worship, faith-based conversations, intentional spiritual growth, servanthood, resourse investment, spiritual friendships and family faith. These traits are examined in light of current practices of church involved individules and those church members are found wanting. This is distillled into the idea, “”Being in a right relationship with God and His people is what matters. Scripture teaches us that devoting your life to loving God with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul is what honnors Him. Being part of a local church may facilitate that or it may not”. My question is how can someone be in right relationship with God’s people and not associate with a local church?. Chapter 5 on Spiritual Transitions In The Making is again based on research and is fascinating. In chapter 7 on the Marks of a Revolutionary my confussion set in again because of the statement, “Do you want to determine if someone is a revolutionary? Look at the characteristics Paul lists in Romans (a letter written to a church) This seems akin to reading someone elses mail if one choices to not be a part of a local church. The confussion continues as Barna states “there is no verse in Scripture that links the concept of worshiping God and a church meeting”. This is taken to mean the local expression of a church with the structure outlined in the Pastoral Epistles of Paul is optional. Over all the book raised some issues worth thinking about but I leave the book much more confussed about Barna’s theology of the church than before and concerned where this perspective will take us in the future. I should note I currently have over a dozen Barna books and have appreciated and do appreciate his other writings.

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