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Revolutionary Insights into Technology and Theology

June 5, 2011

Tim Challies has written the first “must read” ground breaking book of 2011 titled The Next Story: Life and Faith After The Digital Explosion (Zondervan). This well written, entertaining book is both practical and Biblical, relevant as well as informative. The book begins by exploring the rise of the digital age from a theological, technological and historical perspective. These three chapters although painted with a broad brush are well researched and footnoted as well as linked to ideas for practical reflection and application. One reviewer summed it up well by stating….” insightful guidance for engaging the digital world without surrendiing to the digital mind”.
The second half of the book discusses implications of digital engagement with communication, personal identity, distractions, information Truth/authority and privacy. The tone of all the chapters is honest but never accusatory, serious but never alarmist, theologicaly reflective but always applicational. Tim writes as a full blown user of the digital technologies he explores who is fully aware in the process of writing the book that the digital advantages of the new technology are real and useful as well as addicting. After reading only the first 100 pages I was convinced the book was potentialy life changing for many of my students who uncritically accept the latest upgrades as an absolutly essential part of thier successful navigation of life and ministry and by the end of the book I am so convinced of its value that I am replacing George Barna’s book Boiling Point with The Next Story as providing the best snapshot of cultural, sociological and theological engagement for students at CCU taking THE 215 Philosophy and Sociology of Ministry. Run don’t walk to your closest book store for your copy of this book your perspective and critical thinking about the technology you use and its implication upon your relationship with the God you serve will never be the same.

  1. Wow! What a review! I hope to read this soon!!

  2. Alice Robbins permalink

    I have been trying to find this book, but cannot seem to on the internet. 🙂 Is it out yet, or did you get an advanced copy?

    • drkevinturner22 permalink

      Hi Alice, I went into and searched under the authors name Tim Challies I found the book and a Kindle edition available for download. Hope this help! Blessings KT

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