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A Life Well Lived: Discovering The Rewards of an Obedient Heart

June 18, 2011

This book written by Chuck Swildoll is a tough book to report upon. On the one hand the book identifies itself as a “poignant and inspirational message from the book of Micah”. At this level the book fails in my mind, The book of Micah is mentioned in passing but because I was focused on the development of the text from this O.T. book I was disapointed. It was only when I set aside any desire to connect with Micah that my eyes were opened to some of the insightful gems from the Gospels and other O.T. characters. Of specific value was the section on Kindness from the life of Joseph. The nuggets of Biblical insights and quotes have already been used to help some speaking outlines develope and be carried through successfuly. For some reason these chapters “felt” more like a sermon than other sermon generated Swindoll books. The good news is this book is on deep discount at many Christian Book selling websites so don’t pay anything close to the listed $14.99 price or expect alot of focus on Micah. 🙂

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