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Tip of the Hat!

June 23, 2011

In my wonderings and searching of local used book stores in my area I stumbled across a signed/inscribed copy of Tell Us, Please by Charles J. Woodbridge. I was never privilidged to meet Charles Woodbridge but took classes from his sons at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago. The book is short,only 127 pages but its aim is broad. Dr. Woodbridge attempts to answer 40 of the most signifigant questions about theology, the Christian life, apologetics even a Christian perspective on war and much more. Each answer was clear, consistant and marked with Biblical supporting texts. I found it an interesting read but my prime response was a slight bit of sadness that a book like this would not be written today. The internet, social networking and the vast supplies of information would make a work like this obsolete. After all why have an entire book of one persons perspective when millions of opinions are available at ones finger tips. The book has been out of print for 50 years and very few of us would hand a student a book when they came to us with a question but I tip my hat to books that were available to me when I was younger with a sense of gratitude for how they shaped my thinking and assured me that even if I did not know the answer yet some trusted person out there did.

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