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For All God’s Glory: True Worship and the Calling of The Church By N.T. Wright

July 4, 2011

In N.T. Wright’s 1997 book For All God’s Worth: True Worship and the Calling of the Church we are exposed to Tom Wrights expertise as not only a historian, Biblical Scholar and Theologian but also as a preacher. Each chapter is a message delivered to a cathedrial congrigation as they are called to attempt to live up to and in the joy and calling of a magnificant physicaly imposing context for worship. Having grown up in and served within a beautiful historic Church building context I found myself often with out thinking substituting First Presbyterian Tacoma for the word Cathedrial and the substitution always worked, which maximized my engagement with the sermonic material and my personal application. The book is divided into two sections one on Worship the other on Calling. All the chapters were great but the price of the book was covered in the chapter titled BETHANY it was so well crafted I was humbled and wondered why I had never noticed the patterns and developeed themes before and the wordsmithing was such that I wondered why I had ever thought it approperate to open my mouth and speak in a pulpit yet there was also an exaultation in the person and work of Christ that left me edified and wanting more beautifuly presented Truth even when it stung. I read the book while on a missions trip utalizing a copy I borrowed from a church library. My first day back I went on line and ordered two copies- one for me to read again and another copy to share, you all might want to do the same!

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