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A New Purpose for an “old friend” -Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli

July 17, 2011

I have long been influenced by a man I consider one of the founders of the modern youth ministry movement, Mike Yaconelli. I have read all his book (The Core, Dangerious Wonder, Messy Spirituality, Getting Fired for the Glory of God, Etc) and require my youth ministry students to read a couple of Mikes books before graduating. My children aged 18 and 15 (soon) were articulating dissatisfaction with the Christian subculture they have been immersed in thier entire lives so I percieved it was time to introduce them to Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith so they can examine thier relationship with Christ apart from the trappings that misidentification of what a walk with Christ looks and feels like. As Mike points out knowing the answers is not always the same as living the faith. So….I read it aloud to them taking about 10 pages a night throught the 146 total pages. They loved it and the stories made an impact on all of us. Thanks Mike for writting the kind of book that speaks to new generations (especially my children) and will continue to communicate for generations to come.

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  1. Alice Robbins permalink

    Need to read this one again! Thanks for the reminder! We have had so many young people come to Christ in the past 3 weeks! It is overwhelming! Please pray for us as we try to be faithful to these new brothers and sisters in Christ!

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