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Reaching A Generation For Christ: A Comprehensive Guide to Youth Ministry

August 4, 2011

Reaching A Generation for Christ, edited by Richard Dunn and Mark Senter and Published by Moody Press does a good job of trying to live up to its claim of being “a comprehensive guide to youth ministry” The true strenghts of the book lay in the first 13 chapters which deal with the framework, structures and contexts for youth ministry. These issues of infstructure usually are discussed in very small segments in a variety of resources that get very detailed but these 13 chapters covering the first 300 of the 700 page total is necessary reading. The last four sections which contain 19 individule chapters deal with the skills, challenges, resources and the future of youth ministry. thse chapters touch on most of the large issues that youth workers need to think through as they develop in ministry skills and maturity. This book would be a great assignment for a youth ministry intern to read, bocome exposed to and then discuss with older youth ministry supervisors because as with any book that attempts to cover such a wide swath of material and issues they leave you informed just enough to be very dangerious if these excellent articles are the only exposure to the subjects you immediatly begin to tackle. To help prevent this all chapter close with a “works cited” paragraph to help further reflection and application. I enjoyed the book, I will use the book with younger developing youth workers, and it even served as a refresher for a 30 year ym veteran.


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