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Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven: Exploring Worship as a Spiritual Discipline

August 6, 2011

This latest offering by Gary Noland, former music director of Willow Creek is a well organized and well presented contribution to a series of book Gary began with THE HEART of the ARTiST. While the previous books were focused on worship leaders and artists with general aplication points included for the “nonprofessional” this book is written to be used by everyone with specific sidebars for professional reflection and application included at the end of every chapter. The first part of the book focuses on growing as a private worshiper through an examination of David as revealed in the Psalms. One great tool in the book is the use of an opening “case study” to begin every chapter. This serves to connect the reader with the topic and problems at hand. The chapters have a feel to them that would lead toward great small group study- very conversational, strong applications, easy to follow outline format and questions at the end of every chapter. The second half of the book is titled GROWING as a CORPORATE WORSHIPER and deals with worship as observed in the book of Revelation. The chapters follow the same general format as the first half of the book. I was impresses with the use of quotations from a variety of sourses both ancient and modern as well as with the very useful appendix sections on the names and attributes of God. The sections on “worship wars” were a bit predictable and the call to incorporate more” 20 somethings” into worship planning is a bit simplistic (as highlighted by the case study) but overall I liked the book and found it helpful and am recomending it for individules and groups desiring to study God’s call on our lives to worship. This book is “deep” enough to be used as a 100 or 200 level college class on worship as well. I look forward to Gary’s next book in the series!

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