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The Bible And The Land by Gary Burge (Zondervan,2009)

August 7, 2011

This book is the opening volume in a growing series titled Ancient Context Ancient Faith. The foundational premise behind the series is that the further we are removed culturaly from the original context that informed the Biblical writers and readers the more prone we are to missinterpretation or simply missing what was assumed to be understood by the original audience. To help remedy this situation Dr. Gary Burge has taken 7 major Biblical themes and opened the window of time and culture to allow 21st centure Bible students to better understand these broad concepts from the viewpoint of the original audience. The seven topics include: The Land, Wilderness, Sheperds, Rock,Water, Bread and Names. They are all well written, with beautiful full color pictures in a handy briefcase sized volume. Dr. Burge balances the need for extensive background information with personal stories and application points. All the chapters were good but the section on water helped me understand “living water” and the “Women at the Well” better than I had ever heard it explained, I can’t wait to teach on this passage and incorporate these new insights. I am impressed with the book and the series I will continue to utalize and recomend them with excitment.

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