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Praise Habit: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi By David Crowder

August 14, 2011

I have always known David Crowder could write music, sing and lead worship but who knew that he could write as well! I picked up his book published in 2004 by Navpress to read aloud along with the scriptures every evening with my two teenagers and wife. I didn’t know what to expect or how my teenagers would respond. From the very first page I was overwhelmed with David’s poetic imagination and ability to turn a phrase and get my children engaged with the topic. There was humor, stories, nostalgia and pop culture mixed with Scriptural insights interwoven through every chapter. The book begins with an exploration of the idea of worship as a life style. The second portion of the book pages 40-15 is an exercise in lectio divina (Spiritual Reading) from various passages of the Psalms using Eugene Peterson’s The Message. This book works at every level and was enjoyed by all age groups in my family. The individule chapters make for an easy to use daily devotional tool that is both fun and good for the soul.

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