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The College Adventure Handbook By Rob Stennett and Joe Kirkendall

August 29, 2011

The College Adventure (Zondervan, 2011) is a whimsical look at college survival for an incomming freshman. The authors include a college ministry specialists at a large mega church in Colorado Springs. It proportes to be for both Christian college and state university students. Its scope includes accademic, spiritual, roomate, health as well as fraternities/sororities issues. I wish the scope had been more limited, it would have allowed more pages to go beyond scraping the surface of issues and speaking in generalities. The tone is intentionally light but the consistant chapter outlines of situation, symptoms and solutions felt trite after just a few chapters. The authors on pages 12 and 13 list the sources they referenced to develope “answers/solutions”, notibly absent on the list which includes movies, counselors and personal experiences is a university professor. As one of those myself for over 12 years I would have urged some very different answers than the ones given because of my ongoing focus on university accademic life. There is also a notible lack of information geared to Community or Jr. College students who make up an increasingly growing percentage of college students. The intermingeling of issues facing students at both Christian University students, State University and Private non- religious Colleges seemed confusing to me and disjointed but I am older and like things presented in a more linerier fashion. Although alcohol is mentioned as an issue in all posible university situations a great deal more needs to be said about the incredible level of alcohol use on an incredibly high number of college campus. Students need to be equiped to deal with situations beyond thier parents wildest imagination of abuse. Having reported some of the improvement areas for the book I am still having my son who will be a university freshman next fall (2012) read and own the book so we can discuss the wide variety of subjects that are introduced within the books 200 pages.

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