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Making Sense of Church: Evesdropping on Emerging Conversations about God Community and Culture

September 23, 2011

Making Sense of Church By Spencer Burke (Zonderan, 2003) is a fascinating book. It consists mainly of reprinted blog and message board posts from TheOoze, a popular emergent church digital gathering place. The author Spencer Burke interweaves his personal journey into the chapters stated theme. The breadth of content is not suprising and includes the issues of leadership, learning spiritual growth, ministry, evangelism and severial more. My concerns are not so much with the book as such but with the individule posted writers quoted. It seemed consistintly they focused on personal experience (ususally negative) or worst case type “strawmen” that bore little relationship to a balanced Biblicaly informed application. This cartoon presentation was then judged lacking, foolish and in need of total rejection, to be replaced by either an etherical dream or a non-linier definition like this one on leadership, “I think new leaders are people who you want to share life with. I think these new models are just emerging” (p.43) Huh? The Bible is used selectivly with the assumption that the idea of “do it like Jesus” was a full and adaquate explaination of any specific application point or proof of any idea. As a participant in the emergent conversation over the years it is interesting to seee how far the conversation has progressed in many ways and stalled in others. This book continues to serve as an “introduction” to the themes, issues and tone of the emergent conversation; even placing the idealogical “cookies on a shelf low enough that all can participate. Love it or hate it the emergent conversation is here to stay at least for the forseeable future. Review the thread of the dialog from its earlier manisfestations in history or jump in with this book as a spring board. Either way read the book.

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