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Eyes To See Edited by Brett Lott

November 14, 2011

Eyes To See Edited by Brett Lott (Thomas Nelson, 2008) is a collection of some of the best short stories written from a broadly Christian worldview. It contains a Father Brown mystery by G.K. Chesterton, the classic Flannery O’Connor work A Good Man is Hard to Find” and Leo Tolstoy’s What Men Live By” are among some of the historic classics presented. Each story begins with a brief biographic essay on the author which puts the story into a cultural context. The short story format lends itself to strong character development and these stories are no exception. The themes of life, love and loss are uniformly evident. I read the entire work myself and then read a story or two outloud to my entire family both were enjoyable. Editor Brett Lott a writed of some renown himself correctly sums up the collection by saying, “There is something beautiful and moving about holding in one’s hands a narrative, gem-like and perfect, that can be read in one sitting, opening its world before you and revealing its secrets in a small pocket of time that allows you to go somewhere else and know something new”. I Agree!

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