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Collecting Lost Coins

January 26, 2012

In 2005 Young Life staff member and trainer Donna Hatasaki compiled and wrote a 21 day celebration of Young Life and its foundational philosophy of ministry components. This short book only 115 pages packs quite a punch by providing a powerful narative, a series of related personal reflection questions and a written prayer. The theme of the book is based on Luke 15:8-10 and the parable of the lost coin and is divided into three sections, celebrate the search, celebrate the find, and celebrate the shine. As a former Young Life staff member I was inspired and touched by these stories as I read them as part of my personal morning devotions. The book could also be used very effectivly as a staff devotional thought to kick off both prayer and discussion of ministry practices for any group commited to evangelistic discipleship not just Young Life staff. The Young Life organization has a well deserved reputation for excellence, this book is no exception.

(Note: As of January 26 severial copies of this book were available on Amazon both new and used for around $3.00)

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