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A Specialized Youth Ministry “Tool”

February 3, 2012

To be truly useful every toolbox needs a selection of specialized tools designed to fullfil a specific task or purpose like sparkplug wrenches or sink pliers. The same is true for a youth ministry library there is always room for a specialized tool that exists to serve a very specific focus. Such is the case with SACRED SPACE: Meditations For Common Places (Barefoot ministries, 2005) This collection of scripted meditations for such common places as parks, a campus the mall or even at home along with specialized helps for setting up a prayer path or focusing on the 12 stations of the cross is such a tool. I found the section of mediataions for missions trips especialy helpful and labor saving for a busy trip leader. The books meditations are penned by severial different authors including Matt Will, Beverly Cook, Jim Hampton and others. My favorite chapter was contributed by Dr. Chap Clark of Fuller Seminary. In my mind the book was worth its price for Chap’s devotional plan for a campus devotional experience alone. The book is part of the ANCIENT FAITH SERIES, I eagerly await adding more specific resourses to my “toolbox” from this collection.

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