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The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening

February 6, 2012

I very rarely review video/DVD content but I came across a resourse that may be off peoples radar because of its age but it is in many ways as timely as the day it was recorded. The classic lecture is titled THE ROLE OF PRAYER IN SPIRITIAL AWAKENINGS by Dr. J. Edwin Orr of Fuller seminar until his death in the late 1980’s. The lecture is only 26 minutes in length and was delivered in 1976 in Texas for the World Congress of Prayer. Dr. Orr is a brilliant scholar with a Ph.D from Oxford and a lengthy career speaking writing and lecturing on Revivals and Spiritual Awakenings. In 26 minutes his expertise ranged across the history of three continents, severial centuries and multiple fascinating personalities all with a part of the story of revival in thier time. During this incredible array of stories, quotes, statistics and practical applications I never noticed Dr. Orr refer to a single note. The presentation I watched was a VHS tape and had some of the time worn aspects of 1970’s fashion like Dr. Orr’s pale red suit but after a quick web search brought me to a web site dedicated to Dr. Orr’s ministry and keeping its messages alive I was delighted to find the talk also available on DVD for less that $5.00. The talk its self is amazing and could be used in Bible Studies, classrooms or any context where a focus on prayer is approperate.
The website has a host of other materials as well on similar topics from Dr. Orr and is worth a look for all of us praying for revival and spiritual awakening in our day.

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