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Charts For A Theology of Evangelism

February 11, 2012

In 2007 Dr. Thomas P. Johnson published a life time project of charts utalized in his accademic conetext relating to all aspects of evangelism. The publisher Broadman & Holman Accademc reflect the baptistic underlying assumptions of the work but that in no way minimizes this works value. The 160 page book has earned praise from such diversified theological minds at Dr. Walter Kaiser Jr.of Gordon Conwell and Roger Nicole of Reformed Theological Seminary. Although I agree with Dr. Nicol’s critique of the negative use of the word “reconciliation” when refering to the attonment I don’t let that weakness overshadow the books other valuable portrails. I also take personal issue with the portrail of “Friendship Evangelism/Life -Style Evangelism” if the references are meant to be a reflection of Dr. Joe Aldrich’s work cited in the bibliography. I don’t see the negative critique as valid as presented. That said the volume is comprehensive in scope dealing with charts flowing out of the original Biblical languages, Church history, Apologetical philosophies and every possible evangelism methodology immaganable. You may not agree with the conclussion of every chart as I did not but they all are thought provoking, many with application based reflection questions included. Over all I am a great fan of charts for teaching as they give a visual comparison for sometimes very abstract concepts. I am including the use of this book the next time I teach YTM 340 Youth Culture and Evangelism. I commend it to your attention.

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