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Let It Rise: A Manual For Worship

February 15, 2012

In 2009 Davis Holland, Award winning song writer of Let It Rise published A Manual For Worship through Bridge-Logos publishing. This 162 page resourse is very conversational in tone and very visual in format. It covers virtually every aspect of leading worship in a ministry context. I could see this book not only as a profitable read for a worship pastor but a tool to take an entire worship team through as part of pre-rehersal devotional/leadership training time. The selection of quotes from C.S. Lewis, D.L. Moody Corrie Ten Boom and a host of contemporary worship leaders were thought provoking and provided a contextual framwork to consider insights and applications of the presented content. There were an abundence of bullet point lists that provided furtile ground for future reflection and personal application. In some respects the book functions like a workshop on leading worship in print form. Of special value was the focus on ministry development helps like the Value Driven Vision Tool (p.56) I am not a musician but found the information accessable and very usefull with out a working knowledge of technical musical jargon. Important info covered included; How to select songs and develope and deliver a worship set as well as how to relate well to a Sr. Pastor. All of this the author accomplished with a splash of humor and an unwillingness to take himself too seriosly. Scripture was regulary referenced and was handled responsibly if not “deeply”. I having been looking for a single introduction to worship leading to recomend to my students at CCU, I am delighted to have found one!

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