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Sticky Faith: Youth Workers Edition (Zondervan, 2011)

February 20, 2012

The Fuller Youth Institute has published its extensive research in the area of faith developing ministry and family practices in a variety of volumes in thr Sticky Faith Series, all of which I intend to read and review here. I am beginning with the youth worker edition first because of deadlines for course text book adoption. I was very excited to read the book having heard snippets of the research presented before publication in a variety of seminar workshops. I was not disapointed in the print results. The research is clear that 40-50% of kids connected to youth groups throughout their senior year of high school will fail to stick with their faith in college. The book combines the research data in understandable form (“57 % of college students in the fall of the freshman year attend church once a week, Less than 40% of students felt like their youth ministry actually prepared them to find a new church P. 166-67) with theological grounding in chapters like THE STICKY GOSPEL (p. 27-47) . Each of the chapters follows a similar format, beginning with Sticky Findings, coninuing through Sticky Faith Made Practical and concluding with Sticky Discussion Questions. The book is filled with helpful side bars, quotations and websites for further helps and even video clips to augment the text. I love this book! I have already adopted it for YTM 202 Spiritual Formation in Youth Ministry for the coming fall 2012 semester. It needs to be read, discussed, digested and applyed by every youth ministry in the country. I am currently reading the parents version of the same research and it is excellent but more when I finish…..

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