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Overcoming Your Shadow Mission

March 2, 2012

Overcoming Your Shadow Mission by John Ortberg (Zondervan, 2008) is the first volume in the Leadership Library, a relativly short book presented in a “pocket sized” format. The book’s thesis is summed up on pages 13-14, “You and I were created to have a mission in life. We were made to make a difference. But if we do not persue the mission for which God designed and gifted us, we will find a substitute. We cannot live in the absence of purpose. Without authentic mission, we will be tenpted, to let our lives center around something unworthy, something selfish, something dark-a shadow mission”. The book then unfolds this concept through severial Biblical naratives which of course with John Ortberg presenting he brings a suprising number of insights into well known stories including Esther, Samson, and Paul. Ortberg goes on to explain not only personal shadow mission but also the corporate or organizational manifestations of the same problem. There is a great story told late in the book about Dallas Willard and “letting go of a talk” that really hit home personaly. Be warned- although I recomend the book highly, there is an opening personal story from John’s life that although PG-13 is a key element of understanding the books focus. These 102 pages are worth the time and money necessary to bring them into your life and library.

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